Writing and Editing

I have an extensive background in writing for and editing the work of others, especially academics.  These jobs have given a wide range of experience helping others communicate in writing.

Editing. Agronomy Department, University of Florida. 2014-Present

Proofreading and editing grant proposals, abstracts, and other academic writing for forage breeder and geneticist Patricio Muñoz.

Research and writing. Driscoll’s, Inc. 2015

Researched, wrote, and edited a review of scientific literature regarding blueberry biology and production for applied practitioners and breeders.

Editor and writer. Supply Chain Management Department, University of Arkansas.  2006-2015

Produce case studies and academic manuscripts in distribution systems.

Editor and writer. Orchestro, Inc. 2013-2014

Wrote and edited technical, research-based blogs for distribution and logistics practitioners, ghost-wrote blogs for numerous academics.

Chief editor. The Arkansas Traveler, student newspaper.  2005-2006

Supervised editorial staff of 8 and 50 volunteer reporters to publish 4 editions per week. Raised circulation from 6,000 to 8,000 copies per edition.


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