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Peer-reviewed publications

Higino, F., P. Muñoz, C. Vincent, and A.P. Viana.  2015.  Generating relevant information for breeding Passiflora edulis: Genetic parameters and population structure.  Euphitica. Online. Dec. 2015.

Vincent, C., B. Schaffer, and D. Rowland.   2015. The potential for primed acclimation in papaya (Carica papaya L.): Determination of critical water deficit thresholds and physiological response variables. Scientia Horticulturae 194:344-352.

Vincent, Christopher I., and M. Elena García. 2011. A system of defined phenological stages for cold tolerance and development of floricane inflorescences of primocane-fruiting blackberries. J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 65:54-60.

Vincent, Christopher I., M. Elena García, Donn T. Johnson, and Curt R. Rom. 2010.   Broad mite on primocane-fruiting blackberry in organic production in Arkansas. HortTech. 20:718-723.

Publications in process

Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, C. Na, and B. Schaffer. 2016.  High throughput method to quantify root hairs in digital images taken in situ.  Submitted to special roots issue of Plant & Soil December, 2015.

Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, K. Racette, S. Byrd, P. Payton, B. Tillman, and B. Schaffer. 2016. Primed acclimation to water deficits: a management and breeding strategy for production resilience under water uncertainty. Review to be submitted to Crop Science to be submitted in February 2016.

Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, and B. Schaffer. 2016. Primed acclimation increases short-term water use by altering root:shoot allocation of Carica papaya. To be submitted to HortScience in February 2016.

Vincent, C., B. Schaffer, D.L. Rowland, K. Migliaccio, J. Crane, and Y. Li. 2016. Sunn hemp intercrop and mulch increases papaya growth and reduces wind speed and virus damage. To be submitted to Sci. Hort. in March 2016.

Case Study

Galbreth, Michael, Matthew Waller, Christopher Vincent, and David Hyatt. 2013. Walmart’s sustainability journey: Bottled water logistics and forecasting. May 31, 2013. University of Arkansas, The Walmart Sustainability Project.


Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, and B. Schaffer. 2015. A method for rapid quantification of root hair density in situ. International Society of Root Research: 9th international symposium, Canberra, Autralia, October. (accepted abstr.)

Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, and B. Schaffer. 2015. Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) intercrop and mulch reduces wind stress and increases growth and development of papaya (Carica papaya L.) HortScience. (Presented at ASHS 2015, abstr.)

Vincent, C., D.L. Rowland, and B. Schaffer. 2014. Water deficit priming increases leaf gas exchange of papaya (Carica papaya L.). HortScience. 49:S371 (abstr.)

García, M.E., D. Dickey, C. Wingfield, and C. Vincent. 2012. Season extension strawberry cultivar trial in two climatically diverse regions in Arkansas. HortScience 47(9):S133 (abstr.).

García, M.E., D. Dickey, and C. Vincent. 2012. Expanding Strawberry Season Production and Cultivar Evaluation in Arkansas. HortScience 47(9):S32 (abstr.).

García, M.E., C. Wingfield, and C. Vincent. 2012. Early performance of rabitteye blueberry cultivars under conventional and organic practices. HortScience 47(9):S327 (abstr.).

Reynoso, J.C., M.E. Garcia, C. Vincent, and D. Dickey. 2012. Determining nitrogen fertilization rates and time of application of primocane-fruiting blackberries. HortScience 47(9):S383 (abstr.).

García, M.E., and C. I. Vincent. 2010. Impacts of temperature on node formation and bloom date of primocane-fruiting blackberry genotype APF-52 under high tunnel and ambient conditions and multiple mowing treatments. HortScience. 45(4):494 (abstr.)

García, M.E., and C.I. Vincent, D.T. Johnson, and I. Tzanetakis. 2010. Cultural problems facing the blueberry industry in Arkansas. Hortscience. 45(4):494 (abstr.)

Vincent, C. I., M.E. Garcia, and C. R. Rom. 2010. Using Mowing in Combination with Hightunnels to Delay Harvest of Primocane-Fruiting Blackberries. 28th Int. Hort. Congress. (abstr.)

Friedrich, H., C.R. Rom, J. McAfee, M.E. Garcia, D.T. Johnson, J.S. Popp, and C. Vincent. 2009. Performance of high tunnel organic blackberry and raspberry. HortScience. 44:1114(abstr)

Vincent, C. I., M.E. Garcia, and C. R. Rom. 2009. Comparison of growing degree unit models for primocane-fruiting blackberry. HortScience. 44:1001 (Abstr).

Vincent, C.I., C.R. Rom and M.E. Garcia. 2009. Effects of hightunnels and cane-mowing regimen on the growing degree unit response and requirements of primocane-fruiting blackberries. LXIX Southern Reg. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. HortScience. 44:556 (abstr.).

Vincent, C., H. Friedrich, and M. E. Garcia. 2008. Extending peak harvest of primocane-fruiting blackberries under high tunnel production. HortScience. 43: 625 (abstr).

Academic Presentations

Christopher Vincent. 2015. Linking papaya horticulture to its ecophysiology. Florida International University, Plant Seminar, Biology Department. February, Miami, Florida.

Christopher Vincent. 2015. Linking papaya horticulture to its ecophysiology. University of Florida, Tropical Research and Education Center. May, Homestead, Florida.

Christopher Vincent.  2014.  The Devil’s in the Details: Exploring possible methods or root hair quantification. University of Florida.  Course taught by Diane Rowland. AGR4214 Physiology and Ecology of Crops / AGR 5444 Ecophysiology of Crop Production.

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