Welcome to the Hurricane Recovery Project!

This project from the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) will survey citrus groves across the state to assess Hurricane Ian’s impact and how quickly the trees recover from it. We hope the results of these surveys will help you better understand the medium-term impacts of hurricanes based on windspeeds. Other goals for the project include equipping you with knowledge to develop plantings that are more resilient against storms. We hope this information can help with recovery, both now and in the future. Overall, we hope this knowledge will be applicable and useful for growers to protect their groves from storm damage. To do this we will be surveying your groves monthly to measure over time the impact of Hurricane Ian.

A hurricane damaged tree and a tree involved in the study. 

This is the first update that will summarize the results of the surveys and share their potential application for grower practices. Results will eventually be published in Citrus Industry Magazine as well. An EDIS document for grower use will also be published in late 2023 outlining how to make plantings more resilient, recover from wind damage, and predict the severity of the damage on their groves based on the storm.
For questions or more information, please contact project leader Christopher Vincent at civince@ufl.edu.
We are excited to share our results with you over the next year. Please share this blog with anyone who also might find this information pertinent!


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